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101 Gloucester Street

'The King House'

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From left to right - Nos 101, 99, 97 and 95 Gloucester Street in 1901
NSW State Archives & Records
Digital Id: 4481_a026_000197

Constructed: c1817
Demolished: 1902

Originally a wooden hut, built c1812 and set back from the street, this was rebuilt as a stone cottage with a shingled roof c1817, possibly by Daniel King, and is one of the oldest buildings on the Big Dig site. The wooden hut was used as a rear wing to the cottage until it was demolished after the 1820s. A new and smaller rear wing had been built by the 1850s. The shingled roof was replaced with iron between 1880 and 1882. It was demolished in the 1900s.

c1812-c1823 Daniel King
c1823-1839 unknown
1839 Mrs Francis/Frances King (possibly a relative to Daniel King) officially granted title
1840-1847 James and Mary Ann Wright
1847-1853 William Massey
1853-1855 Mary Ann Massey (nee Benson, later Henson)
1855-1902 William and Mary Ann Henson
1902 resumed by the State Government

1822-1823 Daniel King and Susan Tirley and three children
1823-1845 unknown
1845 David Evans (cooper)
1848 Charles Price
1852 vacant
1855-1856 Richard Donovan (boot and shoemaker)
1857 Andrew Conway (cabinet maker)
1858 William J. Foster
1859 Richard Wild (grocer, Black Dog Inn)
1859-1861 James Agnew French (Free mariner/labourer)
1863-1871 George Beale (waterman)
1873-1875 Thomas Hines (mariner)
1876-1882 Thomas Verrell (waterman)
1879-1880 James McCraw and wife Caroline (nee Saumons)
1882-1902 Thomas Price, wife Harriet and family
1882-1884 Thomas Price (diver/waterman/pearl lugger)
1885-1893 Harriet Price (confectioner)
1893-1902 Emily Layton (nee Price) (confectioner/laundress)
1898 William McLeod (lodger?)

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