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corner Cumberland Street and Cribbs Lane

Wattle and Daub Hut

Dates: (speculative) c1789 to c1806

Several post holes were uncovered duing the Big Dig indicating the presence of bark huts or wattle-and-daub cottages on the site.

The Byrne House

Constructed: c1807
Sold & demolished: c1860

This weatherboard house, build c1807, was the home of Richard Byrne, Margaret Kelly and their seven children from 1807. A lease was granted in 1709 and ratified by Governor MacQuarie upon submission of a memorial. In 1834 Margaret Byrne claimed freehold title to the land.

Excavation of the site revealed a large amount of sewing equipment including buttons and beads, a bobbin, lace-making pins. Also found were marbles, the lower half of a painted bisque doll and the broken pieces of a good quality English meat platter.

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