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97 Gloucester Street

Cribb's Butcher Shop

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From left to right - Nos 101, 99, 97 and 95 Gloucester Street in 1901
NSW State Archives & Records
Digital Id: 4481_a026_000197

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Plan and side elevations for 97 Gloucester Street
NSW Government Architect, 'Plans and Photographs of Buildings Demolished, 1902-1907'
Courtesy of the Mitchell Library

Constructed: c1817
Demolished: 1902

Built c1817 by George Cribb as a butcher's shop next to his house at 95 Gloucester Street. This building replaced an earlier, possibly, wooden building which was also a butcher's shop. (Contemporary accounts refer to the 're-opening' of the shop in 1817.)

c1813-1827 George Cribb
1827-1828 Murrell, Sandwell & Perks (Butchers)
1834 Albert John Nicholas
1834-1852 William Massey
1853-1855 Mary Ann Massey (nee Benson, later Henson)
1856-1902 William and Mary Ann Henson
1902 resumed by the State Government

1845 Patrick Howard (labourer)
1848 Robert Heaney (bricklayer) and wife Catherine (nee Fitzpatrick)
1852 vacant
1855-1856 Thomas Buckley (tailor), wife Mary (nee Sweeney) and children James (1842), Ellen (1847), Richard (1848) and Mary (1851)
1857 William Allen (confectioner)
1858 vacant
1861 Alexander Dickinson
1861 George Adams (mariner)
1863-1867 James Thomas (general dealer)
1868 Thomas Swan
1869 Denis McClafferty/Maclaverty, wife Mary (nee Sweeney), son Hugh (c1863) and daughter Sarah (1869)
1870 John Stretton/Streeton
1871-1887 Joseph Thomas (boarding house)
1888-1889 Matthew McBride
1890-1891 Robert Gaffey (tip carter)
1892-1893 Peter Agusutus Lett (nightwatchman/labourer), wife Honora (nee Burns or Byrnes), and children Agustus (1871) Margaret (1873) and Edward W. (1875)
1894-1900 Peter Johnson/Johnstone
1902 James England

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