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126 Cumberland Street

Nicholas Rents

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Nicholas Rents 1901
NSW State Archives and Records
Digital Id: 4481_a026_000027

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Rear of the Nicholas Rents 1901
NSW State Archives and Records
Digital Id: 4481_a026_000111

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Nicholas Rents 1901 by Charles H. Bertie
The Charles H. Bertie Pictorial Collection, State Library of NSW (Mitchell Library)

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Architectural plans for 124 and 126 Cumberland Street
NSW Government Architect 'Plans and Photographs of Buildings Demolished 1902-1907'
Courtesy of the Mitchell Library

Constructed: c1833
Demolished: 1907

The four conjoined terraces at 120-126 Cumberland Street were built c1833 by Albert Nicholas and replaced a row of tenements built by George Cribb circa 1823. Number 126 was demolished in 1907.

c1813-c1824 George Cribb
c1833-1834 Albert John Nicholas (Developer)
1834 James Minton
1834-1840 Mary Taylor
1840-1845 John Brown (Brother-in-law to John Winch)
1845-1853 William Massey
1853-1855 Mary Ann Massey (nee Benson, widow of William Massey) later Henson
1855-1896 William and Mary Ann Henson (nee Benson, widow of William Massey)
1896-1902 John Hoseman
1902 resumed by the State Government

1845-1848 Robert Morley (carpenter), wife Alice and children Esther (1835), Elizabeth (1841) and John (1845)
1852 James Pennington
1855-1856 Patrick Colbert (labourer)
1857 Martin Colbert
1858-1859 Robert Morley (carpenter), wife Alice (nee Smith) (weaver) and children Elizabeth (1841), John (1845), Jane (1849) and Thomas (1852)
1861-1864 Joseph Donaldson (shipwright), wife Lucy (nee McClelland) and daughter Margaret Ellen (1857)
1865 Timothy McNamara/MacNamara (labourer, hotel keeper), and his wife Ellen (nee Hollingsworth) and children including Ann (1861 and William (1863)
1866-1879 Stephen Doyle(painter/glazier), wife Margaret (nee Galvin and formerly McNamara) and daughters Charlotte (1860) and Margaret (1862)
1879 Thomas Doyle
1880-1902 Henry Lapham (ironmoulder) and wife Mary Jane (nee Young)
1882 John Keeffe (woodturner)

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