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122 Cumberland Street

Nicholas Rents

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Nicholas Rents 1901
NSW State Archives and Records
Digital Id: 4481_a026_000027

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Rear of the Nicholas Rents 1901
NSW State Archives and Records
Digital Id: 4481_a026_000111

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Nicholas Rents 1901 by Charles H. Bertie
The Charles H. Bertie Pictorial Collection, State Library of NSW (Mitchell Library)

Constructed: c1833
Demolished: 1891

The four conjoined terraces at 120-126 Cumberland Street were built c1833 by Albert Nicholas and replaced a row of tenements built by George Cribb circa 1823. Number 122 was demolished in 1891.

c1813-c1824 George Cribb
c1833-1834 Albert John Nicholas (Developer)
1839-1856 Isaac Moore
1845-1867 Edward Brady
1869-1871 William, Edmund and Thomas Brady and Mary Ann Smith (nee Brady)
1871 William Henson
1877-1882 Mary Ann Smith (nee Brady)
1891-1902 William Henson
1902 resumed by the State Government

c1842-1845 (maybe 1852) Robert O'Neill (labourer)
1848 George Bond
1855-1859 John Lewis, his wife Sarah and two daughters Eliza and Sarah
1856 Charles Johnson (boarding with the Lewis's)
1861 Henry Williams (GPO)
1863-1864 Thomas Conway (drayman) and wife Jane (laundress)
1867-1870 Joseph Duncan (labourer)
1871 Michael Hogan
1873 William Davis (stonemason)
1876-1878 Margaret Hadden, nee Kirkman, later Yates and Clark (laundress)
1877 Alexander Clark
1878 Ellen Kirkman
1880 Patrick O'Connor
1880 William Driscoll (machine ruler)
1882-1891 Michael O'Brien

The cesspit contained some dateable items including
an 1875 coin
2 spirit flasks (first registered in 1872)
a glass marble from a Codd aerated water bottle (first patented in 1873)
3 banded plates/saucers dated to the mid-1870s onwards
a blue transfer-printed sherd dated to 1861
a tobacco pipe made by Thomas Davidson (Glasgow 1862-1911)
window glass dated to mid-1860s

The demolition fill contained construction material including nails(83), bolts(1), fragments of roof slate(11) and window glass(212)
and animal bone and shell fragments including sheep(199), chicken(45), fish(42), molluscs(53), cattle(12), shark(1) and pig(1)

The remaining material included domestic wares, utensils, food containers, personal items, toys, toiletries and pharmaceutical items

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