The Virtual Sydney Rocks Guidebook

How You Can Help

I would like to continue to improve the VSR and I plan to release new versions of the VSR every year but I need help!

All contributors will get a credit!!!

What is needed?

1) More buildings and higher resolution buildings
I have over 20 plans for buildings, and numerous photographs, that can be used to model additional buildings.
For example see the page for the Whalers Arms

2) Cars, Carts, Trams etc

3) People (in correct period dress) & animals (with animations)

4) Boats, Ferries etc

5) Weather
It would be great to digitise the weather records for Sydney and then use that dataset to control the weather. I have digitised the weather for most of 1788 so far and plan to include it in the VSR 3.0.

6) Sound/Audio
The VSR 2.0 currently has the following daytime audio tracks
  1788 Pre-Arrival of First Fleet
  1788 Post-Arrival of First Fleet
  1800 to 1825
  1826 to 1850
  1851 to 1900
  1901 to 1950
  1950 onwards

It would be good to have some night tracks as well.

If you are interested in assisting in any way please email me (Dr Kit Devine) at
I am also very interested in any feedback you wish to give on the VSR 2.0

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